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Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge
Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge
Nong Khai is 615 kilometres from Bangkok and has an area of 7,332 square kilometres. Nong Khai is a long thin province running along the Mekong River, providing the main access to Laos. Originally people went by boat from Tha Sadet, but the building of the Friendship Bridge across the Mekong has made Nong Khai a major centre for transport and trade with Laos.

Attractions include Wat Pho Chai, renowned for its large seated Buddha believed to have been cast in Lan Chang, and Phra That Nong Khai, an old chedi that slipped into the river and can now only be seen completely in the dry season.

Geographic Characteristics
In general, Nong Khai is part of the river basin in the north. It is a plateau with deciduous forest in the east while the west has mountains and forest bordering forest area of Loei Province. The southern area is highland having on average altitude of 1,200 feet above sea level.
There are three seasons in Changwat Nong Khai. It is very hot in summer with a high temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. There are heavy rains during the rainy season due to its location adjacent to the Mekhong River. It is chilly during the winter season due to its highland nature with a low temperature of 11 degrees Celsius.
North : Lao People's Democratic Republic
East : Bueng Kan
South : Udon Thani and Sakon Nakhon
West : Loei
Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Sakhrai 27 km Fao Rai 71 km
Tha Bo 42 km Rattanawapi 71 km
Phon Phisai 45 km Pho Tak 77 km
Si CHiang Mai 57 km Sangkhom 95 km
Festivals & Events
Prap Ho Monument Fair
When: March
Prap Ho Monument Fair
Prap Ho Monument Fair
Where: Prap Ho Monument, Mueang District
Prap Ho Monument is held annually at the Prap Ho Monument to commemorates the defeat of the “Hau”(also known as Haw, Chin Haw or Chin Ho or Hui), during the Haw wars of 1865 to 1890. Activities in the festival included shows, games, and booths of goods at reasonable prices.
Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival
When: Sixth lunar month
Where: Wat Pho Chai, Mueang District
Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival is ancient festival is thought to have originated from neighbouring Lao, (while others say it came from Cambodia), and is believed to predate Buddhism; the festival is also widely believed to be a variant of fertility rites and an offering to the spirits, in particular to “Phaya Thaen”, the god of rain and Phosop the goddess of rice, to ask for both the much needed rain and a bountiful harvest. So, the celebration is entirely to the god of rain. In festival there is a rocket contest to worship Phaya Thaen. A temple fair will be organised in the grounds of Wat Pho Chai. Rocket shooting will be done on the field around 10 km. from Wat Pho Chai.
Naga Fire Ball Festival
When: The full-moon day of the eleventh lunar month
Where: Mekong River in Phon Phisai District
An interesting cultural event, the natural wonder of Bang Fai Phaya Nak “Naga Fireballs” will soon be held in the northeastern province of Nong Khai. The highlight of the festival is on October 14, Ok Phansa Day, the full-moon day of the eleventh lunar month. Every year, on the night of Ok Phansa, fireballs of various sizes burst from the bottom of the Mekong River, sprint above the water surface, and then move skyward before disappearing. The Naga Fireball Festival also features a bazaar, a food fair, a contest of floating and illuminated boats in worship of the Naga, long-boat races, and a light and sound show. Although there are several viewpoints for watching the natural wonder of the Naga fireballs, a great number of fireballs are usually seen in Phon Phisai District.