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Udon Thani Attractions
Historic Building
Ban Chiang Archaeological Site (Ban Chiang National Museum) Ban Chiang Archaeological Site
Location : Nong Han District
Ban Chiang Archaeological site has been on UNESCO World heritage list since 1992. The discovery of the site was in 1966. The site displays a great cultural evolution in pre-historic period of over 5,000 years ago. It is one of the greatest evolutions in Southeast Asia. It shows many aspects of the developed cultures in particular in skills and intellect that has been passed on from generations to generations. Ban Chiang is known for the beautiful pottery made by the ancient villagers and it also includes more than 100 archaeological sites in northeast region which has been a settlement for thousands years. The site includes burials, ceramics, crucibles, metals and other artifacts.

Opening Hours: Daily from 09.00 am – 04.00 pm.
Admission: 150 Baht for foreigners and 30 Baht for Thai citizen
How to get there: The site is 55 kilometres from the town centre. Take Highway No. 22 (Udon Thani-Sakon Nakon). Turn left at the 50 km marker to Highway No.2225 and continue for 6 km.
Hotels: Hotels in Udon Thani Area
Krom Luang Prachaksinlapakhom Monument
Location : Muang District
The Monument of Krommaluang Prachaksinlapakhom This Monument is located in the heart of Udon Thani city. Born in 1856 as a son of King Rama IV (Phrabat Somdet Phra Chomklaochaoyuhua) and the King’s Consort Sangwan (Chao Chom Manda Sangwan), Major General Prince Prachaksinlapakhom (Phon Tri Phra Chao Borommawongthoe Krommaluang Prachaksinlapakhom), as a regent to King Rama V, ruled the Northern Circle (later called the "Udon Circle") during 1893 – 1899. As the founder of Udon town in 1893, he set out the civil administration order and served important official duties for the public benefits. The Monument symbolizes the highest tribute paid to the prince by the people of Udon Thani and the ceremony to worship him is held on 18 January every year. Phu Phra Bat Historical Park
Phu Phra Bat Historical Park
Location : Ban Phue District
The site is located in a thriving forest called Pa Khua Nam. In addition, within the site are many rocks of peculiar shapes which resulted from glacial movement millions of years ago. It can be seen that most of the ancient buildings and objects found in this area were modified from what was naturally available and not built entirely by human beings. For instance, a rock was decorated to make a stupa or was chiseled into the shape of a foot.

The site was declared a historical park by the Fine Arts Department in 1991. Archeological evidence found at the site includes Phra Phuttabat Bua Bok, Phra Phuttabat Lang Tao, Phra Phutta Bat Bua Ban, religious buildings modified from rocks, sandstone bai-sema (leaf-shaped stones marking the limits of a Buddhist temple), sandstone images and idols, cave paintings and stone axes. Admission fee is 100 baht.

The City Pillar
Location : Muang District
Located in the Tung Sri Muang field, in middle of the city, San Lak Muang was established in 1999. The place is where the city's guardian deity is believed to reside. Built in contemporary Isan style of architecture, the compound also houses God Wetsuwan, the provinces protecting God (as depicted in the provincial seal), along with the city pillar which is highly respected by the townspeople. The City Pillar
Religious site
Wat Thipphayaratnimit
Location : Muang District
This temple is located on Naresuan Road, Tambon Mak Khaeng, off the main road into Soi San Chao Mae Thapthim and opposite to a polytechnic school. It is another forest temple in the area of Amphoe Mueang and has a pleasant shady atmosphere. There is a large pagoda which contains Lord Buddha's relics. The pagoda is shaped like "Thanan," a utensil used in ancient times to scoop Lord Buddha's relics. A portrait of Luang Pu Thira Chitthammo, the present abbot, is displayed with basic living utensils for Buddhist monks in the pavilion. On the fourteenth waxing moon day of the twelfth lunar month, Thot Kathin (robe offering ceremony) and merit making to celebrate the abbot's birthday anniversary are held every year.
Wat Phothisomphon
Location : Muang District
Wat Phothisomphon This temple is located on Pho Si Road in Tambon Mak Khaeng. It was built in the late reign of King Rama V. Maha Ammat Tri Phraya Sisuriyaratchawaranuwat (Phothi Netiphothi), Lord Lieutenant of the Udon Circle persuaded the villagers of Mak Khaeng to build the temple, which was commonly called "Wat Mai." Later, Phra Chao Worawongthoe Krommaluang Chinnawonsiriwat, the Supreme Patriarch, Wat Ratchabophitsathitmahasimaram, named the temple as "Wat Phothisomphon," to commemorate Phraya Sisuriyaratchawaranuwat, the temple builder. Inside, there is also a museum of revered monks famous for meditation. Wat Thipphayaratnimit
Wat Matchimawat
Location : Muang District
This temple is located in Tambon Mak Khaeng. During the reign of King Rama V, Krommaluang Prachaksinlapakhom commanded the construction of a new temple to replace Wat Non Mak Khaeng, the old deserted temple, and named it "Wat Matchimawat." Within its Wihan building, there is a white stone Buddha image under Naga (serpent) protection, or commonly known as "Luangpho Nak," which has been highly respected by the people of Udon Thani.
Wat Ban Tat
Location : Muang District
This temple is located off of the center of the province. Take Highway No. 2 (Udon Thani-Khon Kaen) and make a right turn at Ban Kong Keng and proceed for 9 kilometres. The temple is teeming with trees and small, wild animals. It is here that one of Thailand's most revered monks, Luangta Maha Bua, resides. As the place is set in a tranquil ambience conducive for practicing meditation, a numbers of Thais practice insight meditation (Vipassana) at this temple.
Phra Phutthabat (Holy Footprint) Bua Ban
Location : Ban Phue District
Located on the Phu Phan hill, approximately 12 kilometres south of Phu Phra Bat Historical Park. Also discovered and unearthed here at the sight are battlements carved in Dvaravati and Lop Buri arts. Wat Matchimawat
Wat Pa Phu Kon
Location :Na Yung District
A Buddhist park located in Ban Na Kham, Tambol Ban Kong, the temple covers an area of 1,000 rai of teeming forests. The place is perfect for practicing Buddhist meditation. Located next to the temple is the Prathom Rattanamahaburaphachan Chedi where the holy Buddha relics are enshrined. The chedi is of Lanka style, is 25 metre high and is decorated with golden mosaic.
Udon Thani Museum
Location : Muang District
Udon Thani Museum Located on Pho Si Road in Rachinuthit Building, this museum was initiated by Mr. Chaiporn Ratananaka, governor of Udon Thani province. It displays background aspects of Udon Thani, ranging from history, archaeology, natural science, geology, folk history, arts and culture, to the biography and honorable deeds of Krommaluang Prachaksinlapakhom, the founder of Udon Thani town. Opening hours are from 08.30 – 16.30 hrs. Admission fees: 10 Baht for adults and 5 Baht for children.
Wat Pho Si Nai
Location : Nong Han District
It is the site of the open museum section of the Ban Chiang National Museum where the conditions of the archaeological excavations have been maintained in order to illustrate how earthenware pots and other items were buried along with the dead. Udon Thani Museum
Wat Pa Ban Kho
Location : Ban Phue District
This temple is located in Tambon Khuea Nam. Here, there is Phra Maha That Chedi Chaloem Barami Phra Nawamin, a pagoda that contains Lord Buddha’s relics. Inside the pagoda, sculptures depict the history of Lord Buddha, jataka stories, and Buddha images in different attitudes. The temple is ideal for practitioners of Dharma (Buddha’s teachings). It has been designated by the Udon Thani Administration Office as the Udon Thani Chaloem Phra Kiat Mind Development Centre. Both Thais and foreigners usually come to practise Dharma here.

From town, drive along Highway No. 2 (Udon Thani – Nong Khai), turn left at Km 13 to Highway No. 2021 (Udon Thani – Ban Phue) and go further for 20 km. Then, turn right and take another 3 km towards the temple.
Ban Na Kha
Location : Muang District
This village is situated 16 kilometres from town on the Nong Khai route. It is a center of cotton, silk, and khit silk trading. To get there from the Udon Thani City, take the buses operated on route Udon Thani Na Kha which leave from the stops in front of the Rajabhat Udon Thani Institute and Rangsina market.
Sightseeing Place
Wat Pa Ban Kho
Than Ngam Waterfall
Location : Nong Saeng District
A medium-sized waterfall situated amidst lush and pristine forests, the waterfall is more than perfect for swimming and relaxation. Traveling to the site can be done via Udon Thani Nong Bua Lam Phu or Udon Thani Khon Kaen route. For the first route, travel along the highway for approximately 45 kilometres, turn left to Nong Saeng District and proceed for another 5 kilometres. For the second route, travel along the highway for approximately 55 kilometres, turn right to Nong Saeng District and proceed for another 25 kilometres.
Na Yung - Nam Som National Park
Location : Nam Som District
Yung Thong Waterfall located at Ban Sawang, Mu 2, Tambon Na Yoong, King-Amphoe Na Yung is a waterfall on the ridge of Phu Phan and Phu Ya Ou, where a stream flows through the steep rock cliff. Yung Thong Waterfall is three metres high and composed of water beautifully cascading amongst the stones, especially during the rainy season when it thunders down in torrents among the lush, green flora. Located 103 kilometres from Amphoe Muang, the route to the waterfall passes through Amphoe Ban Phue and Amphoe Nam Som. Upon reaching Amphoe Nam Som, there is a junction from Nam Suem Village, proceed on that route for seventeen kilometres in order to reach the junction that leads to the Reserve Park. The route is part of the project of the Office of Accelerated Rural Development, aimed at speeding up the development in the rural area which is in good condition and can be used all the year round.
Udon Sunshine Orchid Garden
Location : Muang District
This is located in Soi Kamol Watthana on Udon Thani-Nong Samrong route (Highway No. 204). The garden produces and sells a new species of Thai scented orchid called Udon Sunshine. It is the only known vanda hybrid which is fragrant between the early morning hours and about 2 p.m., and it is the first orchid in the world to be made into a perfume. Phu Foi Lom
Chao Pu - Chao Ya Chinese Spirit Shrine
Location : Muang District
This large and beautiful Chinese spirit shrine is located on Nittayo Road behind the train station near Nong Bua Market. Here, there is a small garden beside a lotus pond. Two Chinese pavilions stand in the pond, serving as a view point in pleasant and shady surroundings. The golden dragon of 99 m long, to be used during the Thung Si Mueang annual fair in December, is also kept here.
Nong Prachak
Location : Muang District
Located in the Udon Thani Municipality, this giant pond has existed before the establishment of Udon Thani town. Lying to the west of the town, it was formerly called "Nong Na Klue" (pond of salty water) and later changed to "Nong Prachak" in honor of Major General HRH Prince Prachaksinlapakhom, the founder of Udon Thani town. In 1987, the Udon Thani Municipality improved the pond as a royal tribute to King Rama IX on the auspicious occasion of his 50th birthday anniversary. On an island in the pond, a small garden is filled with decorative and flowering plants, and there is a bridge linking the island with the mainland. Within the park, there is a fountain, a clock tower, and a playground. It serves as a place of recreation and exercise for the public.
Huai Luang Reservoir
Location : Muang District
This reservoir is located on the Udon Thani-Nong Bua Lam Phu Highway. Approximately at the km. 15 marker, get onto the road which leads directly to the reservoir and proceed for approximately 10 kilometres. With an area of 20,000 rai of land, the reservoir was built for agricultural, fishery, and electricity generation purposes. Activities for tourists include rafting, fishing, and canoeing. For those nature lovers wishing to relax amidst scenic backdrop, you can charter a boat that will take you to see interesting spots of the reservoir. The huge reservoir under the oversight of the Irrigation Department offers beautiful scenery. Chao Pu - Chao Ya Chinese Spirit Shrine
Ban Kham Chanot Wang Nakhin
Location : Ban Dung District
Located in Ban Muang, Tambon Wang Thong, approximately 93 kilometres from Udon Thani's town is an area called Wang Nakhin (Naga Palace) a place believed and regarded by the locals as a mystical and holy place where the door to the underworld of Naga is located. Covering an area of over 20 rai of land, Wang Nakhin (locally dubbed as Dong Chanot) is nothing but an islet surrounded by water. It is teemed with dense palm trees called Chanot. Traveling to the place is easy by Udon Thani Sakon Nakhon route. At Ban Nong Mek, turn left and proceed approximately 84 kilometres to Ban Dung, and another 9 kilometres to Ban Kham Chanot.
Yung Thong Waterfall
Location : Nam Som District
103 kilometres from the province, Located in Na Yung Nam Som National Park, it is a three-layer waterfall surrounded by number of trees and valleys.
Natural Attractions
Nong Prachak
Phu Foi Lom
Location : Nong Saeng District
Phu Foi Lom lies on the Phu Phan Noi Mountain with the height of 60 metres above sea level. The name derives from a species of lichen which was found on the branches of big trees. But at present, there are much less than before due to the deforestation and it has been set up as ecotourism for nature conservation. It is comprised of honourary plants commemorating 60th anniversary of Majesty the Queen as well as prehistoric park including dinosaur sculpture, fossil museum as well as study forest trail of mixed deciduous forest, dry evergreen forest, dry dipterocarp forest with savanna, small waterfalls and caves.

How to get there: Take Khon Kaen – Udon Thani Road, pass Amphoe Non Sa-ard, turn left at the intersection at Ban Huay Kerng to Phu Foi Lom. It is located approximately 35 km from Udon Thani town centre.