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Yasothon Attractions
Historic Building
Ku Chan (Phra That Ku Chan)
Location : Amphoe Kham Khuean Kaeo
Located at Ban Ngew, Tambon Ku Chan, 12 kms. from Amphoe Kham Khuen Kaeo, KuChan is an ancient pagoda similar to Phra That Phanom. Legend says it has been built in the same period to Phra That Phanom in Nakhon Phanom province. Phra That Kong Khao Noi
Phra That Kong Khao Noi
Location : Amphoe Muang
Phra That Kong Khao Noi, the small, square brick-plastering chedi with a distinctive top was built during the 23rd - 25th Buddhist century in the late Ayutthaya period. Its architecture is influenced by Khmer style and it looks similar to rice box according to its tragic story. It was built by a hungry farmer who was repentant after killing his mother who brought him a small amount of food. The chedi is located in Phra That Kong Khao Noi Temple which was originally a rice field.

Opening Hours: Daily from 08.30 am – 04.30 pm.
Admission: Free
How to get there: Take Highway No.23 (Yasothon – Ubon Ratchathani) until km 194 marker then turn left for another 1 km. It is located in Tambon That Thong.
Hotels: Hotels in Yasothon Area
Ban Song Puey Archeological Site
Location : Amphoe Kham Khuean Kaeo
Situated 25 kms. from Yasothon City, via highway 23 (Yasothon-Kham Khuen Kaeo-Ubon Ratchathani Rd.) and 10 kms. off the main road on the right. Its significant attractions include

Big Buddha Image (Phra Buddha Roob Yai). Made of brick, the principle Buddha of Wat Song Puey is 3 metres wide and 8 metres high. This sacred image can be dated back to more than 200 years. Pagodas containing soil from holy sites of Buddhism.

The old pagoda (Chedi Containing Earth), more than 200 years old, was renovated in 1955 by Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram. It houses soil from holy site of Buddha, namely the place of birth, enlightenment, the first sermon, and nirvana, brought from India by a Buddhist monk, Khien Ammaphand. The replica of Buddha Footprint. Ban Song Puey Archeological Site

The footprint was built by sponsoring of Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram and his lady. Lots of local people come to bath the footprint During Songkran Festival.

Antique Museum. The museum features antiques found from Dong Muang Toey, an ancient Khmer town. The antique include stone bed of the mayor, and stone inscription in ancient Khmer letter.

Dong Muang Toey Ancient town.The remaining of ancient town Dong Muang Toey is found a kilometre south of Song Puey Village, 7 kms. from Amphoe Kham Khuen Kaeo. Foundation of temple, pond, and town wall are found. Altough they are ruined, their remaining indicated that it once was settlement in Chenla-Dhavaravadi period or in the 7th Centiry. Chenla King's inscription indicated that this ancient site is religious place for Shivism. Dong Muang Toey and nearby community, proably satellite town of Chenla Kingdom, was called 'Sangkha Pura'. Chenla Kingdom developed into Khmer Empire later and extended its territory into Moon and Chee River Basin during such period.
The old building of Ban Singha Tha
Location : Amphoe Muang
Ban Khum Singha Tha, in Muang municipality, is the old area whose name is found in the city's history. The area is rich of beautiful old-fashioned buildings which is well preserved, making a nice place to enjoy the cultural rich area.
The Phra Buddha Busayarat
Location : Amphoe Muang
Also known as Phra Kaew Yad Nam Kang, cast in the Chiang Saen style, is a statue in the Meditation posture, with a lap width of 1.9". It is an ancient symbol of Yasothon and was presented to the first governor of the town by King Rama III.
Hor Trai at Wat Sra Trainurak
Hor Trai at Wat Sra Trainurak Location : Amphoe Sai Mun
Hor Trai, or library of Wat Sra Trinurak. Hor Trai is located in Wat Sra Trinurak, Ban Na Wiang, Moo 1, Tambon Na Wiang, 25 kms. from Yasothon City. The ancient pavilion, over a century old, located amidst pond is housing Buddhist scriptures since ancient time. The Burmese-style wooden architecture is 8.30 metre wide and 10.50 metre long, with 4-level metal-sheet roof and long eaves at all sides. The front door is delicately carved.
Wat Song Yae Catholic Church
Location : Amphoe Thai Charoen
Located in Ban Song Yae, Amphoe Thai Charoen, the Catholic Church is actually called Father Dechanel is the first rector of the church. The church serves villagers of Ban Nong Song Yae, all of who are Catholics.

Initially, the church was a tiny hut, and it was rebuilt many times. This is the fourth church built in 1947 by wood contribution by the villagers. Built in Thai traditional style, the country's biggest wooden church is 16 metres wide and 57 metres long. It is made of 80,000 wooden roofs, 360 wooden piles in different sizes, floor made from huge pieces of Malabar ironwood and jamba timber, wooden benches which can accommodate over a thousand people. The 260 wooden piles in the middle row are the biggest, with over 10 metres long. The church bell, 2 feet long in diametres, is in bell tower in Thai style, but it is separated from the church. Huge amount of remaining wood is enough for building Ban Song Yae Pittaya School.

Wat Song Yae Catholic Church How to get there: From Yasothon, use highway 2169, turn left after passing Amphoe Kud Chum for 7-8 kms, and keep going for 600 metres. The school and the church share the compound.

History of Ban Song Yae Church. It was said that in 1908, five families sought a refuge in this area, this was lush jungle, after being hurted and evicted as they were blamed as zombie. They have met Father Dechanel and Ombrocio , Ban Se Song, Tambon Chiang Peng, Amphoe Pa Tiew of Yasothon, and asked them to get rid of devel in their bodies. After the success, they become Catholics. More people migrated to Ban Nong Song Yae. In 1909, a small hut was built for Catholic rites and that was the beginning of Song Yae Church.
Wat Maha That
Location : Amphoe Muang
Wat Maha That is an important temple of the province in the town. The building of importance here is Phra That Yasothon or Phra That Anon, an ancient square pagoda with the top similar to that of Phra That Phanom. The architecture is in the Laotian style which was popular in the late Ayutthaya to early Rattanakosin periods. The pagoda houses the relics of Phra Anon. A state minister from Si Sattana Khanahut (Vientiane) who took migrants to settle here about 200 years ago constructed it around 1778.

Wat Maha That Another historical site within the compound is the scripture hall that is in the Isan art style. The doorway and the door are beautiful carved woods with exquisite lacquer designs. The designs on the walls show a mixture of art from the Central Region. Built during the reigns of Rama IV and Rama V of the Rattanakosin period, the hall stores scriptures on dried palm leaves and art objects from Vientiane.
Phra Phutthabat Yasothon
Location : Amphoe Maha Chana Chai
Situated in Wa Phra Phutthabat Yasothon, the hall enshrines the Lord Buddha's Footprint in the form of a white sand dune at the fertile ara of the Chi River.
Ban Si Than
Location : Amphoe Pa Tio
Ban Si Than is where typical pillows are made. The village is 20 kilometres from Yasothon on the way to Amnat Charoen. Villagers make Khit pillows and weave after the harvest is done. They are famous products of the province.
Ban Thung Nang Oak
Location : Amphoe Muang
The village is famed for its bamboo basketry for household use and souvenir. The village is located in Amphoe Muang, 8 kms. from Yasothon City via highway 2169 (Yasothon-Kud Chum Rd.) Phra Phutthabat Yasothon
Ban Na Samai
Location : Amphoe Muang
Ban Na Samai Village located nearby Ban Thung Nang Oak, Is known for its bamboo basketry and carving beautiful track simulation of human need. Phaya Thaen Public Park
Location : Amphoe Muang
Phaya Thaen is a rain god according to the belief of Isan people. Phaya Thaen Public Park is on Chaeng Sanit Road in the municipality. The large area is surrounded by a small waterway and is decorated with flowers and decorative plants. It also has a health park. The park is the venue of various provincial fairs like the Rocket Festival, the annual boat race and the Songkran Festival.
Phu Tham Phra
Location : Amphoe Loeng Nok Tha
This large cave, located to the west of the mountain, houses countless sacred Buddha images
Chi River Beach (Mae Nam Chee Beach)
Location : Amphoe Muang
This is a natural beach formed by the receding water level in the Chi River in the dry season, which is never higher than 70 centimetres. The beach is nearly 2 kilometres long. Locals like to come here to relax and have a meal.
Phu Thang Kwian
Location : Amphoe Kut Chum
is a rocky peak in the Phu Phan Mountains 24 km from Kut Chum district. It is worth a visit to see the surrounding landscape. Local people pay homage to a shrine while they are there.